British Made

We believe that customers care just as deeply as we do about the provenance of what they choose to buy and we design and produce our range of ceramics, homewares and stationery here in the United Kingdom.

We decided from the outset though that that our company needed to play its part in re-invigorating design and manufacturing skills in Great Britain; something we both feel strongly about and continue to support.

We take pride in what we produce - not prepared to compromise, and making sure we demonstrate our values and philosophies throughout (from the detail on a label,  the materials we use, to the way we package our products).

Once we have a design ready, we work with British companies in Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Stoke-on-Trent who help us to produce small runs of our products and finish them by hand for us. Our cards are all printed in Cheshire. 

We really do work hard to live up to the goal we set ourselves - to make sure everything we produce is made here in the UK, and to be of exceptional quality. 

It is easy to pick up a mug that says “hand decorated in the UK” and think it is made here but in reality the ceramics are not from a British pottery, they are just finished here. It is important to us that our mugs were actually made here too.

We include details of where all of our products are made but if you have any questions at all, just ask. 

Kara and Mark